Modern Timber Furniture in the Home

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Timber furniture goes in and out with fashion but the classics of timber design have always remained constant in our homes. From Pine dressers and headboards to elegant Mahogany dining tables; wood has been a mainstay in homes across the world.
But modern furniture is a moveable feast, what is modern today is dated a few years hence. So how do timber furniture melbourneyou choose the perfect piece of modern furniture for your home?
There are four primary factors you should take into account when adding an addition to your household furniture; Functionality, Innovative Design, Comfort and Budget. Everything else is secondary, whether it fits your room décor or is the right size does not reallymatter that much.

Classifying styles of chairs is often as simple as relating their age; for instance Georgian or Early American. But certain eras had definite design features that made them unique, such as; Shaker, Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau and Scandinavian Contemporary.
However, the following seven designs have remained through the centuries and are as popular for modern furniture as they are for classic wooden furniture.

Armchair – An easy comfortable chair with armrests
Corner Chair – An Armchair with a square seat placed diagonally in the frame.
Chaise Longue – Type of a day bed.
Bergere – A type of Armchair with closed sides instead of armrests.
Gondola Chair – This chair has a concave or C shaped back.
Ladder Back Chair – A slender chair with two poles connected by horizontal slats forming the back.
Windsor Chair – A classic design with the back and side of the chair consisting of multiple spindles.

All these designs were originally manufactured using just wood and perhaps the addition of a cushion or upholstered pad to provide comfort. They now can be made fully upholstered in some cases and using different materials such as plastic or metal.
It is always a conundrum choosing a piece of furniture for your home whether to choose a modern design or a more classical and traditional design. Being modern does not always mean that it is better. The classic designs are just that; they are classic and have stood the test of time for both durability, quality and style.
Modern furniture does not always stand the test of modern living and can also date very quickly. Often new design does not come cheap and if the item is relegated to the garage within twelve months it will prove to be very expensive indeed.

The sofa or couch has been around for a very long time but it’s association with the modern day living room or den and less formal environment has given the humble sofa a modern day tag.
If you were to consider buying one then comfort would probably be your main deciding factor, and you would probably buy a fully upholstered piece of furniture on a timber frame.
However, sometimes antique or second hand shops are really good places to look for something unusual. Also you can go down the route of finding a carpenter and having something bespoke made.
Now that would give the Wow Factor.


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